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Mystic Crock & Dense

A Twentyfourseven 

Label: chillgressive tunes, Germany

Release: 09/2017

Type: Album


(link leads to label site)

After doing some remix works for each other, Mystic Crock from Berlin and Dense from Hamburg, both in northern Germany, joined for their first common album. With combined energy they offer a journey from spacy ambient sounds to psychill to down-tempo trance. 


Eight so far unreleased tracks have been produced for this strong album, full of progressive grooves and remarkable melodies - perfect for both chilling and dreamy dancing as you can expect from those two guys. The experience of several former solo releases glows at each track, telling an own story inside this masterpiece.


Let your mind drift away by the merged power of Mystic Crock and Dense, opening unexpected doors with surprising threads you really should not miss.


Track list:

1.    Rain Forest

2.    A Twentyfourseven

3.    Unmuting

4.    In Love

5.    Signals From Ork

6.    Outdoors Jugs Only

7.    Spotter

8.    Unmuting (Ambient Version)

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(Cosmicleaf Rec., 03/2018)

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