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Splendensity Vol. 2

Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece
Release: 01/2016
Type: EP


Splendensity Vol. 2 


Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece

Release: 01/2016

Type: EP


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Dense delivers another fine EP full of smoothness and cosmic power. The first track, together with DJ Aquarius, is a rolling chill-trance delight that gets the neurons firing in all the right places. You will have a hard time staying still with this one. The second track is a remix by Fourth Dimension, adding his extra layer of mystique and glitter. Enjoy the gentle tickle this track puts in your ambient cortex and float off.


With „The Lost Mind“ he delivers another track, made directly for the dancefloor. The remix of „Reactivate“ is a more danceable version of this track, what originally appeared on the „Cosmopolite Dreams“ compilation. Get detail information or your personal copy on the Cosmicleaf Rec. website.


Track list:

1.    Dense & Dj Aquarius - In Space

2.    Dense - Dreamwater (Fourth Dimension Remix)

3.    Dense - The Lost Mind

4.    Dense - Reactivate (2016 Remix)

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